About Us

I'm Christy, and I'm your Vacationista!


Vacations are my business, and have been since for nearly 20 years.  I love to travel, and feel so fortunate to have visited amazing destinations  all over the world.  I’ve sailed ships large and small, taken trains and buses on through foreign lands, sat with my toes in the sand at some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, stayed in funky B&B’s and 5-star hotels, lost my luggage, sat through flight delays, endured screenings and pat-downs, sat in middle seats... but I love it all! Learning about the world is a passion - I am a researcher at heart, and take great pleasure in helping other people “get there.”  

I’ll never forget my honeymoon - a week in London and a week in Paris.  It was so dreamy and romantic... nearly 20 years later it remains my all-time favorite travel experience.  Everytime I work with a couple to plan their honeymoon I am reminded of that time.  And those memories are a gift.  I also remember the stress of planning such a milestone event - no need to stress on honeymoon plans, too!

I love working with multi-generational families on small group trips, reunions and destination weddings.  Finding common  interests and putting together events and activities that can help groups of all ages come together to create memories...well, I just love that! I’ve watched my kid experience the world with his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, and I enjoy helping my clients do the same.

In my personal life I’m a wife and a mom, and one look at my twitter or instagram feed shows the open book that is my life - my famiily, our son's school activities, my love of live music, trying local wines and craft beers with my husband and friends, Oakland A’s baseball, our wacky dogs, and my involvement the community. 

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“Should I even use a travel agent?”

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